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One Stop Service Shop

Single point of contact

Using Alltec as your single point of contact, administrating your maintenance, modifications, and certification needs, give new dimensions to effective and problem-free project execution.

We have our workshop located on Eldøyane Stord, where we perform all services described on this site under one administrative unit, whether it's in our workshop or at your site.

On-site services

We can also perform most of our calibration, repair, and maintenance services on-site.


Having one single point of contact, taking care of all your needs, on-site or in our workshop reduces the amount of administration and streamline communication and the overall performance. 

Special services

According to Norwegian rules and regulation, we do inspections of critical assets, and we proudly manage several frame agreements covering the following fields of professions: ​

  • Thermography

  • Control of electrical installations

  • Annual review of fire alarm systems

  • Annual inspection of Emergency lighting

  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection

  • Annual control of Hand extinguishers

  • Electric fire doors

  • Control/service ventilation system

Specialist service
Key-service area

  • Engineering 

  • Electro & Automation 

  • Telecom, Fire & Gas

  • Mechanical 

  • Piping & HVAC

  • Testing and flushing of pipe systems


Key service area
Repair Workshop

Our workshop technicians maintain and repair your assets not limited to the following equipment categories:

  • Service & reparation of most types of welding apparatus

  • Process 

  • Mechanical 

  • Electrical

  • instrumentation

Test lab

In our test lab, we make sure your equipment is fit for purpose and always up to date, we are certified to take care of the following equipment:

  • Instruments

  • Service and calibration of advanced welding equipment

  • Advanced Validation and calibration of apparatus

Rental Services

With or without qualified personnel, we can offer you certified and up to date equipment for rent on a long or short term.

The list of available equipment is a live document; in general, we have the following type of equipment on the stock:

  • Test and flushing unit

  • Pressure testing unit

  • Electrical and instrument test equipment

  • Temporary electrical material

Contact us for a fresh list of equipment on the stock.

Ready to find out more?

Please give us a call or contact us by using the Get free evaluation form and we will give you full attention making sure you get an answer within one working day.

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