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Why Choose

Alltec Services?

Why Choose

Alltec Services?

We are a driver for sustainable and renewable resource usage in local and regional communities and leveraging on cross-over competences and solutions, we believe this is creating value for companies and societies.

We are a hands-on service company, and with our experts, we provide smart service solutions and add values to our clients.

We are Multidisciplinary and always geared towards green solutions (Cross-over tech & services, Cleantech), and we have the following certifications and more to come.


Anker 1

Managing Director

Magnar Aaland

+47 452 88 222

Marketing & Sales Manager

Lars Andreas Pedersen

+47 977 65 452

Service Manager

Kjell Arve Vatle

+47 934 90 955

Adm. and Accounting Manager

Ragnhild Aaland

+47 908 05 870

Engineering Manager

Ronny Reigstad

+47 413 97 611

Service Engineer

Krister Nora

+47 952 50 090


Stein Erik Grov

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